Traveling with friends made easy

Do you travel with friends? Is it hard ot organize everybody and share schedule and photos? Packtrip team is here to save the day!


Top Features

All travelers need

Manage schedule

So everybody will know what has been planned.


Pin locations

To see where your places of interest are.


Sync photos

Share the moment with the rest of the team in original quality.


Schedule Management

Create and edit schedule for every day of the trip, add places with phone, address, location, notes and more so everyone can see them.

Map with locations

Find all the places from your schedule, see navigation and directions with one button, and check where your friends currently are with live location.


Full size photos

Shere and download all the photos from your friends with one click in their original quality and size.

How to download the app?

You can download our test version from the link below. Feel free to write us with any suggestion for improvements and bug reports.

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